Rethinking Academia and Social Justice: Reflections from Emerging Scholars

The death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO and the responding protests served as a catalyst for the resurgence of #BlackLivesMatter, a movement working to shift national and local conversations about race, class, gender, and inequality. In this essay, the authors reflect on how academia can answer this call, from their positions as emerging scholars.

Ferguson Residents and Protesters Views about Police Perceptions of Race and Crime

While many have proposed that hiring more Black officers is an effective way to alleviate longstanding tension between police and African American citizens, this article shows that a shared racial background does not always guarantee positive police perceptions among Ferguson residents and protesters.

Take Back the Campus: A Call to End Sexual Harassment at UC Berkeley

Over the past six months, three prominent cases of sexual harassment at UC Berkeley have garnered international attention and have resulted in two faculty resignations. But many students argue that the university has done too little, too late – and has severely mishandled sexual harassment investigations.