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Power & Prefiguration

Is the prevailing narrative about the recent global wave of uprisings—that they are "prefigurative" and "leaderless"—really representative of the majority of political organizing today, and of the relationship between movements, the state, and power? Is horizontal “prefigurative politics” the dominant mode of organizing against contemporary global capitalism, or are other forms of politics still flourishing? This forum is a space for counter-arguments to the prevailing story, including and beyond the recent uprisings.



Power & Prefiguration (pt 2)

In part one of this forum, four authors examined whether and to what extent the recent global wave of uprisings was really “prefigurative” and “leaderless”—and the implications for movements' relationships to power and the state. Here in part two, four additional authors add breadth and depth to this inquiry, looking at North Carolina's Moral Mondays, the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, Occupy The Farm, and Venezuela's participatory budgeting.



Struggles for the Public University

Around the world over the past decade students, teachers, parents, employees, and citizens have protested against the privatization of the public university. While the dismantling of public education has often been defined by tuition increases and reductions of government funding amidst fiscal crises, this forum reveals deeper political, cultural, and economic machinations. Comprised of a collection of essays and interviews by students on the front lines, the forum links local struggles with broader forces shaping the conflicts and opportunities on the ground.




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