Struggles for the Public University

Around the world over the past decade students, teachers, parents, employees, and citizens have protested against the privatization of the public university. While the dismantling of public education has often been defined by tuition increases and reductions of government funding amidst fiscal crises, this forum reveals deeper political, cultural, and economic machinations. Comprised of a collection of essays and interviews by students on the front lines, the forum links local struggles with broader forces shaping the conflicts and opportunities on the ground.

Indignation is Only the First Step: A Discussion with Camila Vallejo and Noam Titelman

In 2011, the biggest student mobilization in recent Chilean history began to pick up steam. Camila Vallejo and Noam Titelman were among the movement’s most visible participants. They reflect on strategies, tactics, organizing structures, and lessons learned from years of education activism.