Tiffany Hamidjaja

Tiffany Hamidjaja is a second year Sociology PhD student at UC Berkeley and National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow. Her research focuses on children of incarcerated parents as collateral consequences of mass incarceration and the criminal justice system. Prior to Berkeley, she was a research assistant at Columbia University and an Assistant Director of Research for the Empower Lab at NYU. She was also editor of the book Sexual and Gender-Based Violence: a Complete Clinical Guide. She holds a B.A. in Sociology of Criminology, Law, and Deviance and Psychology from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.

Our Relaunch Statement

When we started graduate school at Berkeley in 2020, many things were uncertain. We were part of the first, and quite possibly the last, cohort to start entirely virtually in the Sociology department, during a tumultuous historical period where one crisis seemed to bleed into the next in a compounding effect – an ongoing global […]

Going Public: A Conversation between Arlene Stein, Jessie Daniels, and the Berkeley Journal of Sociology

Introduction: When we decided to pivot the Berkeley Journal of Sociology to public sociology, we had to take stock of what was done before us. To guide us in our own project of relaunching a public sociology journal platform, we sought out resources for academic social scientists to translate their research to the public in […]