Power & Prefiguration

Is the prevailing narrative about the recent global wave of uprisings—that they are "prefigurative" and "leaderless"—really representative of the majority of political organizing today, and of the relationship between movements, the state, and power? Is horizontal “prefigurative politics” the dominant mode of organizing against contemporary global capitalism, or are other forms of politics still flourishing? This forum is a space for counter-arguments to the prevailing story, including and beyond the recent uprisings.

Thirty Years of Landless Workers Demanding State Power

How do relationships between left-leaning political parties and social movements change over time? Rebecca Tarlau looks at the case of the Brazilian Landless Worker’s Movement (MST) and the Workers’ Party (PT), examining the complexity of state-society relations — asking whether social movements can be “prefigurative” while still contesting state power.