Dylan Riley: “The 18th Brumaire of Donald Trump”

BJS Editorial Collective

Watch Dylan Riley’s lecture, “The 18th Brumaire of Donald Trump,” part of the teach-in seminar series: “What Next? Sociologists Speak on the Future of the World.”


About This “teach-in” Series

November 8, 2016 marked a turning point in history. But what is this turning point? How did we come to be where we are? Are we heading for another “great transformation” that will transform the political and economic world in which we live? What does the new political regime mean for different realms of social life? What will it mean for different dimensions of inequality? What will it mean for democracy, political parties and social movements? What will it mean for different countries, for global alliances, for war? Sociology faculty will turn the tools of their discipline on the present and the future that awaits us.