Not Your Typical Call for Papers (2016 Edition)

BJS Editorial Collective

Submit to the 2016 print issue, and help us write a “history of the present”. We especially value contributions that link insight to action, and thus regard the understanding of the world as a necessary part of changing it.

The Berkeley Journal of Sociology is seeking submissions for its 2016 print issue (Volume 60). We are open to a wide range of styles and topics that can contribute to a “history of the present”: If your work examines the contemporary world through a sociological lens, we are interested in hearing from you. We especially value contributions that link insight to action, and thus regard the understanding of the world as a necessary part of changing it.

The BJS is accepting the following kinds of submissions:

  • sociological essays: narrative analyses driven by empirical evidence
  • commentary: assessments and critiques of events, the media, and public discourse
  • conversations: interviews on specific themes and sociological debates
  • field memos: elaborations of experiences in the field as they relate to contemporary social and political struggles or social-scientific practice
  • photo essays: visually-driven stories about sociological issues
  • book review essays: contributions that use recently published or canonical books as launching pads to discuss broader questions

To get a sense of the wide range of content we have published, take a look at our current print issue or browse through the archives at We are open to submissions on any topic. Please note that we do not publish traditional research articles.

Full submission drafts are due by June 1, 2016. If you wish, you may contact us to inquire about specific ideas or proposals before the deadline. Email submissions and questions to

Print submissions should not exceed 4,000 words. Please email articles as MS Word documents (not PDFs), and attach photos as separate JPG files. Relevant sources should be cited in endnotes, not in a separate bibliography. For full submission guidelines, see All submissions will be subject to an editorial review,and authors might be asked to revise their submissions between June and August. The final print selection will be announced in mid-August. All articles will be published under a CC-BY-NC-ND license. 

Please circulate. In addition to this Call for Papers, we continue to accept submissions of online articles and time-sensitive content on a rolling basis.