Priya Rajalakshmi Chandrasekaran

Priya Rajalakshmi Chandrasekaran received her PhD in anthropology from the CUNY Graduate Center and is a Postdoctoral Lecturer in Princeton University’s Writing Program. Her dissertation, funded by the National Science Foundation, analyzes what the new value of finger millet as a global commodity and national biodiversity resource means for small-scale women farmers in Uttarakhand, India who have been written out of the story of “modern India.” In 2016, she was Traveling Faculty for the SIT/World Learning International Honors Program in Climate Change. She is currently participating in the Emancipatory Rural Politics Initiative, and working on a book based on her dissertation fieldwork.

Unsettling “Indian American Hindus” and Model Minority Projects in Trump-Era “America”

South Asians have found themselves lodged between competing stereotypes: the docile and disciplinable “achiever” and the ungovernable “terrorist.” Model minority myths inform “Indian American Hindus” of their proximity to “whiteness” while reinforcing a color line that is impossible and dangerous to cross.