Vicki Smith

Vicki Smith is Chair of the Department of Sociology at UC Davis, where she has been since 1994. Smith received her Ph.D. from Berkeley Sociology in 1987. She focuses primarily on changes in work and employment relationships, with an eye to how these changes create and perpetuate distinct forms of inequality and destabilization for American workers. Some of her past projects include the rise and institutionalization of temporary employment, workplace flexibility, worker participation programs, and how new labor market practices shape people's job search and employability strategies.

The Circular Trap: Women and Part-Time Work

In our “From the Archives” series, we take a step back to look at some of the best articles published in the BJS over the years. Vicki Smith published this article about women and part-time work in 1983 (Vol. 28) as a graduate student. Yet many of her insights still hold true today in the context of a financial crisis, the growth of part-time work, and the continuing rise of inequality in the United States.